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Theory: It will take less than ten clicks to get from any random article on Wikingerpedia to the article on Hitler, as long as the random article has a link.

Help us prove this theory and the Nazi conspiracy behind Wikingerpedia.


  • 20-09-2010: THE NAZIPEDIA CONSPIRACY HAS STARTED TO UNRAVEL! One click from the article on Wikingerpedia to Hitler! If this is not UNDENIABLE PROOF of neo-nazis running Wikingerpedia, I don't know what will convince the SHEEP !
  • 17-09-2010: First person to find something that takes more than ten clicks to get to Hitler wins a dollar! 
  • 16-09-2010: We started uncovering the terrible conspiracy of NaziPedia, or Wikingerpedia to you sheep.

How To FormatEdit

It's easy to contribute to Wikingerpedia! Just pick a page on Wikingerpedia, find out how many clicks it takes to get to Hitler, and  make a page here for your starting page on Wikingerpedia. Because Wikingerpedia is a constantly updating website, some combinations of links that people find may not be accurate over time. Please do not delete previous people's combinations. If you find a new and more accurate way to find your way to Hitler, just add it below the previous entry.

For example:

  • Maple Tree -> France -> Hitler (2 clicks, 10-16-09)
  • Maple Tree -> Hitler (1 click, 11-29-09)
  • KAOS plus DUO + Auschwitz HEIL + Hitler was a Wikinger
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